Inside voice

Wow, it’s been a long time to post an entry here.

Done with Rachel, what’s next? Mandy ma? But I guess she couldnt be bothered with me. Maybe no need guess, I think it’s true. Hai, Mandy ah.

Mandy here’s an entire blog, dedicated to you.

Dear Mandy

 I’m here to express my feelings for you. I think you already knew my feelings for you. I know you know it, just that you are as usual, keeping quiet about it. I read your entry today. I guess (again), that you already had someone in mind.

You know me well enough I think. I show my true colours and I dont hide from you. I dare to reveal all my bad points and the dark areas you would never like to see. But it shows I’m honest with you. I really like you. I know about all your bad points too. But I always forgive you for your niang niang temper. To be true, I dont like it. But what to do, I like you what.

Raymond, you & me. What an irony triangle. Arent things gonna be so awkward for the 3 of us? I hope not. Raymond’s a nice guy. I really cant imagine the day that he really win your heart. Oh my fucking God. What am I supposed to do by then? Give my blessings to both of you?

Mandy, I know you have no feelings for me at all. I know it well deep down. But I pray that someday, you will start to like me. I may sound childish here. But look, that does show the desire in me wanting you?

 Mandy, it’s simple stuff. Let’s not make it too complex. It’s just, I LOVE YOU.


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